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We're Back (But We've Moved!)

I remember the day that I decided to take the practice entirely online as the pandemic made its way to Ohio. It seems like forever ago but I think that is what this past year and change has felt like for many people. It's been a great experience having an entirely virtual experience. It's made life easier, more accessible for clients all over Ohio and California and putting in a load of laundry between sessions wasn't bad either.

Anyway, here in Ohio, the majority of our restrictions have been lifted and I think it's time to make it back to the office. So, beginning August 1st, Zoey Holguin Therapy will be back in the office ready to see clients who would like to come in. Of course, we will continue to see clients virtually.

But our office location has moved. We enjoyed our time in Cleveland Heights but like a lot of people during the pandemic, changes were made. And so, Chagrin Falls is our new location. We have a beautiful office condominium just outside the village of Chagrin Falls. Ample parking and freeway accessible are just some of the benefits over our previous location. And it's close enough to restaurants and shopping so if you are traveling from out of the area, there are other things to make it an event.

Also, only Zoey will be seeing clients in the Chagrin Falls office. Lauren Emes will continue to see clients only virtually for now. We'll let you know if/when that might change.

Our new location is 325 Park Place, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. And we'd love to see you there!


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