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Couples Therapy

"Learn to reach for the people you love. Nothing grows people like love. When we are loved, we blossom." - Dr. Sue Johnson

It goes without saying that relationships are tough. You just didn't think it would get this tough. Things have changed since the kids came along. You thought once they got older and things would settled down, you'd get back to the two of you but that hasn't happened.


And the conflict has gotten worse. You can't even remember what the conflict was about to begin with but it's never, ever resolved. And the disconnection you feel as a result of the conflict is increasingly painful. Or you are so tired of the same conflict pattern again and again, you've stopped caring all together.

You long to feel like it's you two against the world. You want to get back to they way things used to be or at least a version of it. And when you are in conflict, you want to stay connected, feel heard, cared for and feel like the issues are resolved.


Couples therapy can help get back on track, heal past hurts and even create a stronger relationship.

Couples therapy can be hard and there is always a fear that sides will be taken. The relationship is the client and this process is about assisting both of you in understanding past hurts, how they impact your relationship and create a new space for connection.


Message me today to learn how you can get you relationship back on track and maybe even better.

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