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" The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure, and beautiful beyond description." 
- Steve Maraboli

You don't feel like you are enough. In fact, sometimes you think if you were just a different person, things would be better. Confidence is fleeting. You feel uncomfortable in your own skin, feel stuck, lonely and often hopeless. Your thoughts are often plagued by what others think of you and you are riddled with guilt for what feels like just about everything.


You feel like that relationship you have been longing for is elusive. Everyone else seems to have what you've been longing for. There must surely be something wrong with you.


Or your current relationship isn't cutting it but if you leave the relationship, will there be another one out there for you? You just aren't sure. Maybe this is the way it is supposed to be.


Or maybe you worry about the kids. You feel like you never should have married in the first place.  It seems like a choice between your happiness or your security. It seems like an impossible choice. 

You can and will feel more secure and confident. To feel freedom in your spirit and comfortable within your body is here. You can have an amazing relationship and stop negative relationship patterns. You can find your voice and feel the deep sense of contentment with your life. 

Begin your journey today towards a deeper understanding of yourself, greater self-acceptance, profound inner peace and growing confidence and, in turn, find better relationships with significant others through relationship counseling.


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