couples counseling

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Whether you are just embarking on your relationship or have been together for quite awhile, relationships are tough work. Many people, like yourself, get into places in their relationships where something has gone wrong, time and stressors have distanced you and something needs to change. Couples counseling is hard work but worth the investment of your time and resources. Using proven research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, a thorough analysis of your relationship is conducted and time-tested interventions are employed. 

There are two distinct phases to couples therapy. The first is the assessment phase where 4-6 sessions are conducted to gather information related to the history of the relationship, the history of the individuals in the relationship as well as a extensive assessment is completed. Areas measured are how a couple knows one another's world, how they share fondness and admiration, the level of which they turn towards or away from each other, the amount of positive perspective that exists in the relationship, strengths and challenges in managing conflict, making each other's life dreams come true, creating shared meaning as well as the level of trust and commitment to the relationship. Again, this is done using the Gottman Method of couples counseling and requires an additional, one-time $30 fee for the assessment process in addition the regular session rate. The second phase of treatment encompasses interventions related to conflict resolution, the couples friendship and building shared meaning in your relationship among other things. It's hands on and practical, changing how a couple interacts in order to create trust, safety, intimacy and connection. 

Contact me today to discuss further how couples counseling can get your relationship back on track. 

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