Marriage Counseling: Is it worth it?

Marriage is hard work and nothing ever really prepares us for it. Sometimes we need a guide along the way; in fact, we probably should have a guide along the way. As you know by now, marriage isn’t the fairy tale you hoped it would be. Your partner has imperfections and so do you. Also, you realize your partner can’t meet all your needs but then again, they were never designed to. Then children often come along and the relationship you used to have seems like a distant memory. Child rearing highlights issues and also causes issues in and of itself.

Marriage counseling focuses on rewiring conflict. Often through some maladaptive ways of managing conflict, we find ourselves in patterns that ultimately can bring further demise to our marriage. It’s important to do conflict differently in couple’s therapy and find a way to communicate with each other that brings safety and emotional engagement,

Couples therapy also focuses on building a friendship, again. Often in the day to day of marriage, we find ourselves forgetting to focus on nurturing the friendship. Marriage counseling will give you tools to do that again.

Marriage counseling will also focus on figuring out how to get back onto the same page for your life goals. Those goals you created early on in your relationship but now feel like a someone else’s goal. Couples therapy can help focus you and your partner back on the story of you that has already begun.

If you’ve experienced infidelity in your marriage, there often is a way back. Through hard work, both individually and together, and patience, some can experience the healing and deeper commitment to the success of their marriage through marriage counseling.

Trained in the Gottman method as well as emotionally focused couples therapy, I use a holistic approach to treating couples. Couples therapy is a passion of mine.  I enjoy seeing both the individuals in the couple relationship change and the change as a couple they experience through their commitment to relationship counseling. If your relationship needs some work, feel free to contact me to discuss further.