Does Your Own Mental Health Affect Your Relationships?


All helping professionals will tell you the answer is absolutely! Your mental health contributes immensely to your ability to form and maintain close bonds with others. The symptoms of many mental health conditions inhibit people from creating or sustaining vital relationships, whether it be with a spouse, family members, or friends. Some mental health conditions can even put a road block in the way of attaining the basic skills necessary to form a relationship. But don’t despair, you can learn to have healthy relationships despite these challenges. Here’s some beginning tip on how to build healthy relationships: 

Tips on Building Healthy Relationships

  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Try not to be concerned about the small things. People with mental health issues (particularly depression) often focus on their faults. Seek to look at the big picture, including the things you are doing well! 
  2. Express Yourself:  Express your feelings; I cannot stress this enough! Keeping your feelings inside (whether good or bad) is never a great idea. Talk it out, release your thoughts, worries and concerns. Holding your emotions in will eventually cause bad feelings to accumulate and further damage your mental state and thus your relationships. 
  3. Take Care of Yourself: Yes, taking care of yourself is key in building a healthy relationship. Evaluate what you do for yourself in key areas such as physical, emotional, social, relational and spiritual and consider adjusting your self-care routine to include more time to nurture yourself. It would be tempting to nurture the relationship over yourself especially if you are feeling like the relationship is vulnerable because of your mental state. But the reverse is true. Taking care of yourself is the most important part of securing a healthy relationship. 

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. If you re feeling stuck in your journey towards self-care and healthy relationships, feel free to call me at (440) 836-3186 for a free 15-minute phone consultation. I’d be happy to hear about what is happening and help direct you to the right person. If you are looking for help with codependency or relationship issues, you can read more about how I can help here